10 Best Shampoos For Gray Hair – 2024

Reviewed by Khamis Maiouf, Hairstylist
Written by Pooja Karkala, BA (Psychology & Mass Communication)  • 

All of us want to stay young forever. You probably wish for a fountain of youth to come to your rescue when you hide a gray hair and pretend it does not exist. Though hair graying is a natural process, it can turn into a nightmare for women. Are you on the lookout for products that can tackle this problem? Before we get into that, you need to understand that graying happens due to the lack of a balanced diet and proper nourishment. It is best to treat this problem from within – along with using a good shampoo.

Here are the best shampoos that can prevent your hair from turning gray.

ProductsCheck Price
Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture ShampooPrice On Amazon
Khadi Natural Amla & Bhringraj Hair CleanserPrice On Amazon
Forest Essentials Japapatti & Brahmi Hair CleanserPrice On Amazon
Khadi Natural Green Apple + Conditioner Hair CleanserPrice On Amazon
Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Yellow Neutralising ShampooPrice On Amazon
L’Oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
Price On Amazon
BSY Noni Black Hair Magic Hair Dye ShampooPrice On Amazon
Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Q10 Time Restore Micellar ShampooPrice On Amazon
Vasu Healthcare Shyamla ShampooPrice On Amazon
Alpecin Dark Caffeine Tuning ShampooPrice On Amazon

Best 10 Shampoos For Gray Hair

1. Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo

Biotique Henna Shampoo is a unique cleanser that can impart reddish henna highlights to discolored hair. It contains a luxurious blend of pure henna leaves, soapnut, and berberry that cleanses and conditions your tresses. It claims to smoothen dry strands by reforming the texture of your hair. It imparts a rich brown tone to your locks that can cover gray strands efficiently.


  • Adds volume to your hair
  • Imparts shine
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Cleanses scalp well
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Can make your hair greasy

2. Khadi Natural Amla & Bhringraj Hair Cleanser

Khadi Natural Amla & Bhringraj Hair Cleanser is a herbal product infused with the goodness of amla, reetha, henna, haritaki, and neem that leaves your hair soft and shiny. It conditions your tresses and adds life to dry and dull locks. The essential ingredients in this shampoo help in retaining the natural color of your hair. It also promotes hair growth, giving your hair a natural and healthy look.


  • Controls frizz
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Controls dandruff
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for every age
  • Budget-friendly


  • Makes your hair frizzy initially

3. Forest Essentials Japapatti & Brahmi Hair Cleanser

This natural shampoo is enriched with a luxurious infusion of hibiscus and brahmi extract that rejuvenates your scalp. It claims to nourish your hair and prevent hair fall. A special ingredient – Nagarmotha extract – prevents premature graying and retains your natural hair color. Its aromatic fragrance settles on your hair, making your locks feel fresh all through the day.


  • Gentle cleanser
  • Controls frizz
  • Imparts shine to your hair
  • Prevents hair discoloration
  • A little product goes a long way
  • SLS-free


  • Expensive

4. Khadi Natural Green Apple + Conditioner Hair Cleanser

This herbal hair cleanser by Khadi Naturals contains the natural goodness of green apple that acts as a tonic for multiple hair problems. It provides vitamins A, B, and C to your hair. The shampoo also contains natural ingredients like amla, reetha, almond oil, bhringraj, and neem. It reduces dullness and dandruff and prevents premature graying of hair. This shampoo is ideal for cleansing your scalp and making your hair look healthy and fresh.


  • Conditions and strengthens your hair
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Adds shine
  • Exfoliates scalp
  • Moisturizes your hair
  • Covers gray hair


  • Dries out your hair initially

5. Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Yellow Neutralising Shampoo

This shampoo is an ideal pick for grey and highlighted or bleached hair to restore their natural luster. It also restores your hair’s pH balance to 4.5, making it healthy and manageable hair. It has a combination of blue and purple direct dyes that neutralize the yellow tint grey hair tends to develop over time. This eliminates dullness, restores shine, and also keeps frizz at bay. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair, leaving it fresh and nourished.


  • Neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones
  • Restores shine
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Nourishes the hair
  • Restores pH balance


  • May dry out the hair

6. L’Oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

The L’Oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo is enriched with the Gloss Protect System that contains amino acids and anti-yellowing agents. It is formulated with violet micro-pigments that neutralize brassy and yellow tones. It enhances the color of your silver or gray hair, making them appear gorgeous like never before. This effective shampoo also softens the hair and makes it smooth, leaving the hair looking healthy and shiny.


  • Enhances hair shine
  • Neutralizes yellow tones and brassiness
  • Makes hair soft
  • Great for silver or gray hair
  • Enhances hair’s natural color
  • Unisex


  • Expensive

7. BSY Noni Black Hair Magic Hair Dye Shampoo

BSY’s Noni Black Hair Magic Hair Dye Shampoo is a unique product that contains Hawaiian Noni fruit extracts and other herbal essences that provide nutrition to your hair. These herbal ingredients can turn your hair black naturally. Since it is a hair dye shampoo, pour a little amount of product into a bowl and mix it thoroughly. Apply the solution to your hair and massage for 5 to 7 minutes. Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. This can turn your hair black and nourish it at the same time.


  • Contains natural and exotic ingredients
  • Imparts shine to your locks
  • Makes your hair healthy
  • Supplies nutrients to the roots
  • Instant results
  • Ammonia-free


  • Availability issues

8. Schwarzkopf Professional Q10 Time Restore Micellar Shampoo

This shampoo has Nutrifiller technology that stimulates the hair’s natural keratin synthesis and removes visible signs of aging, restoring the hair’s health. The gentle formula cleanses the scalp and hair without stripping the natural moisture. It deeply nourishes and revives grey hair, making it soft and manageable while improving elasticity.


  • Enriched with Micellar technology
  • Doesn’t strip natural moisture
  • Rejuvenates mature hair
  • Removes visible signs of aging



9. Vasu Healthcare Shyamla Shampoo

The rich ingredients in this shampoo – like amla, lemon, henna, shikakai, and aritha – prevent graying of hair. It strengthens your hair from the roots and controls hair fall. This paraben-free shampoo will go easy on your scalp as it does not contain harsh chemicals. It also claims to reduce split ends and nourish every hair strand, giving your hair a healthy glow.


  • Imparts fresh fragrance
  • Moisturizes the scalp
  • Adds shine
  • Makes your hair silky and soft
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Availability issues

10. Alpecin Dark Caffeine Tuning Shampoo

This Dark Caffeine Shampoo from Alpecin contains rich pigments that improve your natural hair color, making your hair look darker. It is an apt choice for those with little grey hairs as it helps to prevent further greying to maintain your natural color.  It strengthens roots with an activated caffeine complex, preventing hereditary hair loss, giving you stronger, healthier hair. It also promotes healthy hair growth to give you smooth, lustrous, and fuller-looking hair.


  • Prevents hereditary hair loss
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Strengthens natural hair color
  • Strengthens fine hair
  • Cleanses hair gently



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Graying hair is caused by a host of factors, the primary ones being advancing age and lack of proper nutrition. Investing in the best shampoos for gray hair help in reversing or covering up the gray strands and provide you with healthy natural hair. In fact, these shampoos do not contain harsh chemicals and are infused with ingredients that leave your hair silky and bouncy. In addition, these shampoos are ammonia-free and budget-friendly. However, some products may dry out your hair initially. Hopefully, our buying guide will help you pick the best shampoo for your gray hair.

Things To Consider When Buying Shampoo For Gray Hair 

  • Hair Type

If you have gray hair, look for a shampoo that will suit your specific hair type. This means that you need to check if your hair and scalp are oily, dry, or normal and if your hair texture curly, straight, or wavy.

  • Hair Concern

Your hair concern should also be kept in mind while buying a shampoo for gray hair. If you have chemically treated, colored, patchy, or dandruff-prone hair, keep that in mind and opt for a shampoo that will address your specific hair concern.

  • Natural And Hydrating

Natural products are safe and give you lustrous, healthy, and thick hair. Harsh chemicals can disturb the composition of your hair by making the follicles brittle and causing dehydration. Therefore, it’s always better to opt for shampoos made with organic and safe ingredients.

Shampoos made with natural additives like henna, gooseberry, neem, or berberry are a smart choice. These natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help in restoring the texture of the hair while keeping your scalp hydrated and hair moisturized.

  • Sulfate-Free

Invest in a sulfate-free shampoo for gray hair. Sulfates can strip away the natural hair oils of your hair and make it dry. Therefore, look for a shampoo that is free from sulfates.

How To Control Gray Hair Growth

  • Take multivitamin supplements.
  • Massage your hair regularly with an effective hair oil (coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are some good choices).
  • Try homemade natural remedies containing henna, hibiscus, coconut oil, and/or curry leaves.
  • Find ways to reduce stress in your life.
  • Follow a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Avoid using hair products that contain too many chemicals.

With these shampoos, you can control graying of hair effortlessly. Pick your favorite from this list, try it out, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do shampoos for gray hair differ from regular shampoos?

Shampoos for gray hair differ from regular shampoos as they help neutralize brassy and yellow tones in your hair. Some shampoos also claim to prevent premature grays. Regular shampoos, on the other hand, cannot neutralize your hair tone.

Are there natural or organic shampoos suitable for gray hair?

Yes, the Khadi Natural Amla & Bhringraj Hair Cleanser and the Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo are two natural or organic shampoos suitable for gray hair. They contain ingredients that are gentle on the scalp and will leave the hair feeling soft and shiny.

How often should I use a shampoo on my gray hair?

It is recommended to shampoo your gray hair 1-3 times a week, depending on your hair type. If you sweat a lot and have an oily scalp, wash your hair daily or on every alternate day.

Can shampoos for gray hair help with thinning or hair loss?

Yes, shampoos for gray hair that contain nourishing ingredients like caffeine, hibiscus, and amla can help with thinning or hair loss. Along with this, practicing healthy hair care habits like oiling and detangling your hair before washing may also prevent hair fall.

Can shampoos for gray hair help with static and flyaways?

Yes, shampoos for gray hair that contain hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, arhan oil, and almond oil can help with static and flyaways. You can also condition your hair after every wash to smoothen your tresses and tame frizz.

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